Before you enter a trade after you notice a high-probability trade setup within the market, here are 3 ensuing steps you wish to consider:


1.       Calculate most sensible stop loss placement –

Don’t ever place your stop loss supported greed. Meaning, don’t place it too near your entry point simply because you wish to trade a much bigger position size. You wish to position your stop loss strategically in order that the trade could have enough room  to breathe and at a price such that if the stop loss is hit you are certain that the market has truly reversed.


2.       settle for the potential for loss –

You wish to mentally settle for the fact that anyone trade could lose. Despite how smart a trade setup is or how assured you're, you will still find yourself being a loser. If you really settle for this reality you'll not risk what you are not willing to lose on any trade and you won’t attempt to trade without using a stop loss.

3.      Settle for the fact that the trade requires time to play out –

Like I just said, ‘accept the loss’ mentally before you are taking it, then you won’t be making an attempt to avoid it the entire time and you won’t change your stop or otherwise interfere together with your trade. Simply settle for the fact that the market got to fluctuate before (if) it eventually hits your profit target. If you are attempting to react to each very little fluctuation within the market, you may be a wreck on yourself and your trading account, you need to simply accept that your trade needs time to figure itself out before you enter it, thus be ready to try to nothing.





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